As an enterprise development partner, we innovate, adopt appropriate environmentally friendly technologies, develop skills and human resources, and enhance productivity for you to remain competitive in national and international markets.

Our enterprise development and consultancy programme works to strengthen entrepreneurial management skills through capacity building and training resources that foster adoption of good workplace practices in micro-, small and large enterprises.


We are your Enterprise Development Partner

At COSDEF Group, we are your essential partner in building your business. Our enterprise development solutions have proven with results to help with practical business growth, performance and results achievement with the over 80+ clients we have served in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi and USA.


Why Choose Us?

  • We provide growth and scaling solutions, leadership and strategic actions, planning for innovations, developing innovation enablers, executive coaching and much more.
  • We deliver our excellent standard services using participatory methodologies, experiential learning principles and tailored made solutions to respond to client needs.

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Have you lost valuable objectivity in your daily business decisions, operations and processes? Do you want to produce remarkable results for your business?

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    COSDEF Group is an African holding social enterprise with 4 subsidiaries namely The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Skills Development Center, Wikajobs Career Management Firm, COSDEF Mobile Microfinance, and SkillStudy. We are committed to designing & redefining solutions that last to solve Africa’s problems like poverty in rural areas, unemployment, skills deficiency, community under-development to transform lives, communities & nations.


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