A Different Way of Digital Saving
Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of financial savings. What about those who have never seen or enter a bank, can they also save?
YES, COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance is providing a completely enhanced mobile banking experience to rural areas especially to those who have never seen or enter into a bank and to areas where banks don't exist.
COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance - FinTech Rural Bank
COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance is an innovative rural investment micro finance institution (FinTech Social Enterprise) using mobile technology to increase financial inclusiveness in rural areas
Promoting Inclusive Development and Reducing Poverty.
expanding financial services to a large number of people, especially those in the rural areas, where over 60 percent of the population are affected by poverty is one of the surest ways of promoting inclusive development and reducing poverty.

A FinTech Social Enterprise

COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance (Village Bank) is an innovative rural investment micro finance institution (FinTech Social Enterprise) using mobile technology to increase financial inclusiveness in rural areas among rural and semi-urban women and youths who are considered “unbanked” by formal financial institutions we are therefore transforming lives in rural areas “villages” by delivering access to financial services by leveraging on the mobile technology.


What we do through COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance

Micro-Credit Loans

We make access to loans easy for business funding and investment opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Help develop profitable ventures and create wealth for partners

Business Skills Training

Empowering members with businesss management skills for self sustainability

Financial Stability

We provide significant contribution to social and economic development.


We Make Financial Management Easy with COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance

We believe an inclusive financial system like COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance among others, facilitates efficient allocation of productive resources and can potentially reduce the cost of capital, will improve the day-to-day management of finances in rural communities.

Contributing to job creation and macroeconomic stability.

Through COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance, we also reduces some risks in money laundering activities by bringing the much unregulated/underground economy into the regulated sector, thereby achieving financial stability and integrity.

Our Vision

To address poverty in the grassroots which will lead to economic community transformation, economic independence and economic resilience by providing standard access to microfinance services in rural and semi urban areas in Cameroon

Our Mission

To realize our vision, as we believe that microfinance has proven to be an effective approach for poverty elevation. Therefore, our mission is to contribute to rural economic growth by providing fair loans to rural and semi urban women/youths that do not have access to conventional financing.


A Brief History About COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance

COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance was launched in Kwanso Village, Jakiri Sub-Division, Bui Division, North West Region Cameroon with the sum of 70,000FCFA (Averagely $127) with 11 loans given out. Currently over 120+ loans have been given out already to rural women/youths for small business and agricultural purposes in 4 Villages with more than 700+ women trained in Vocational & Small Business Management Skills, Modern agricultural techniques, health education & proper parenting empowerment. COSDEF Mobile Micro-finance targets to provide 5000 micro credit loans to 5000 rural women/youths by 2025 and our big dream is to build the McDonald’s of micro-finance in Central Africa Region

In Partnership with Value Health Africa

In Partnership with Value Health Africa we will improve the health of these target women/youths by reducing the burden of non communicable diseases, promoting sexual and reproductive health, organizing screening programs, awareness raising and sensitization campaigns, screening for early diagnoses and prevention

    COSDEF Group is an African holding social enterprise with 4 subsidiaries namely The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Skills Development Center, Wikajobs Career Management Firm, COSDEF Mobile Microfinance, and SkillStudy. We are committed to designing & redefining solutions that last to solve Africa’s problems like poverty in rural areas, unemployment, skills deficiency, community under-development to transform lives, communities & nations.


    00237 Mile 17 Buea, South West Region, Cameroon


    +237 674 949 153